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Bottle Fairy is the tale of four magical fairies who come to the human world for a year so they can learn about humans and one day become humans themselves. The four fairies, named Kururu, Chiriri, Hororo, and Sarara symbolize the four seasons, which make up what kind of personality they have, and their interests.

The four little fairies live with a college student who they call Sensei-san (although that's not his real name) and they learn from him and his many books. They also learn from Sensei-san's next door neighbor, Tama-chan, who is in elementary school and who helps the fairies in any way she can.

Over the year, the fairies must learn all they can from humans and the human world before finally being able to turn into humans and live in the human world easily. Each episode consists of a month and what the fairies learn from that month and the special holiday in it. The series starts in April then goes through a whole year and ends in April, which is the final episode.

Each episode last only about ten minutes to fifteen minutes long, and there are a total of 13 episodes, one for every month of the year, and an extra one which is the finale, which is named "And Then."

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Kusachiho is the form that the fairies took when they finally became human. They received a magic star from the fairy world and were told to focus their magic on it and then they would become human. However, when they did focus their magic on it, and they started to grow, they formed into one person, and that person was Kusachiho. Read More...

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